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Flights and Processing

As there are many factors to consider when our pilots plan missions & flights for our clients, We recommend contacting us for a personalized quote based on flight parameters. i.e Flight time, Acreage covered, Map types, Required client deliverables.

Processing time and rates subject to change based on desired map types.  

DEM - digital elevation model. Product made after proccesing pictures taken from a drone_e

 Aerial Photogrammetry
        Data Collection 

Photogrammetry is a form of 3D scanning that uses photographs and triangulation to create an accurate model of a site or structure. ... During construction, photogrammetry can be used to monitor progress and analyze any problems that arise as they occur.​

Photogrammetry is an essential part of many industrial applications from creating large-scale maps to assess crop health, scout potential filming locations, inspect powerlines & infrastructure, or to produce lifelike 3D models of building sites and structures.

​The reconstructed image files are correlated one-to-one with their real-world locations — referred to as digital twins. These images can be represented as 3D building models, topographical maps, depth maps, contour line drawings and 2D orthomosaics. Because these renderings are accurate to within inches, architects and engineers can use them to update working “as-built” models so they reflect current, on-site conditions.​

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Industrial & Commercial
Aerial Video

Highlight your company's culture, success and milestones with us today. We offer highly customizable packages to meet all of our client's goals.    



Drone Videos are a cost effective and

efficient marketing tool that:

  • Offer highly engaging content grabbing the attention of any audience with ease,

  • Build your company or brand & tell your story with content people will actually watch


Engaging drone footage of a new property or project garners much more attention and potential leads than ground photos alone, offering a higher return on investment

Aerial footage:

  • Puts your content ahead of the competition by highlighting the unique aerial perspective of your project

  • Provides a more memorable web experience - not everyone has ventured into drone video - which helps your website and social feeds stand out

  • Can be used in a wide variety of visual inspection applications for towers, solar fields, powerlines, roofs, infrastructure & more

Custom Projects


Looking for something different, get in touch and lets talk about your project and we can provide a free quote




Drone Photos


  • 10 -15 Photos of the best angles 

  • Professionally Edited/Color Corrected

  • Customize your photo shoot with extras: Twilight ,Interiors, Additional photos


      4K Drone Video

  • Aerial Video Capture

  • Average Session Length 2-3 Hrs  

  • Clips Professionally Edited & Color Corrected

  • Interior Video Options Available  

  • Clip Reels run 5 -10min

  • Basic Package included 


Advanced + 4k Drone              Cinematic

  • Fully Edited Cinematic 1-5 min

  • Showcasing Best Angles of Project/Site

  • Royalty Free Background Music

  • Client Intro & Outro Logo Graphics

  • Customizable options like near by POI, Interiors much more

  • Removal of Sky Hive Drone Branding

  • Basic Package included


Highlight your company's culture, success and milestones with us today. We offer highly customizable packages to meet all of our client's goals.    

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