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Honest, Reliable Drone Specialists 


Commercial Drone Service &

Mapping solutions  

Aerial Videography & Photogrammetry for the Industrial Sector 

Sky Hive Drone 

Provides a Variety of Services to our Growing List of Clients. 



Obtaining accurate measurements by use of photographs


Photogrammetry is a form of 3D scanning that uses photographs and triangulation to create an accurate verity of maps and 3D models of the site or structure.

Construction managers can use the virtual 3D models to keep tabs on large-scale development projects, while working remotely. Utilizing photogrammetry gives you the ability to have your eyes on location.


You can monitor the progress of a construction site

visually, accurately, and in real time. 


Industrial & Commercial


Aerial Hyper Lapse is the ideal way to show your company's precise movements and safe operations within a short amount of time to your current and future clients.   


Highlight your company's culture, success and milestones with us today. We offer highly customizable packages to meet all of our client's goals.    


Cinematic Drone Footage incorporated into your marketing system engages your audience, and reaches more clients by capturing company success and project milestones.

 Aerial Inspections


Why should you use  drones for inspection  applications?

Incorporating drones with their advanced cameras and interchangeable payloads to conduct onsite inspections of countless assets such as Windfarms, Solar Fields, Transmission lines and communications towers can help with both safety and savings.


Drone inspection significantly reduces risk to personnel by no longer having to work at heights with ropes and harnesses and in confined spaces with numerous hazards to the workers.  


Most industries that have assets that could be dangerous if not properly maintained don’t just do inspections because they’re a good idea, they also do them because they’re required by law.


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About SHD

SHD Aerial Services is a premier Drone Service Provider based in British Columbia, Canada.

We are passionate about capturing unique moments with our signature style and are passionate about the fundamentals that make great video content: lighting, composition, and use of space.


Our pilots capture profound visuals with a cinematic flair. We offer exceptional personalized services for our clients.


 Get in Touch Today to Get Started on Your Project

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Our Commercial Aerial Videography Can Be Used In Endless Applications To List Just a Few 

what we do
  • Real Estate Marketing

  • Interior/Exterior video

  • Social Media 

  • Commercial Marketing Videos

  • Level Views  

  • Renderings backplates

  • Video Records

  • Events Marketing 

  • Brand building 

  • Safety Monitoring 

  • Inspections

  • Tell your crew's Story

  • Progress Updates 

  • Special/Custom Projects

  • Personal Projects i.e Events, Drone Weddings 

  • Marine Marketing Video

  • Infrastructure Construction Video

  • Highlight Company & Projects Big and Small

  • Time-lapse Video

  • Professional Editing 

  • 4k Aerial Footage 

  • 4k Ground  Video

  • Plug and Play Video Sized to any Media platform

  • Photogrammetry

  • 3D Mapping

  • Aerial Land Survey 

  •  Data Collection For Variety of Measurements 

  • Orth mosaics

What We do

Our Projects

Highlighting Construction projects big and small with stunning aerial footage all over British Columbia & Alberta and beyond. Get in touch for a Free Quote and to chat about your project idea.

Our Clients

We believe each client is a long term partnership

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