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About Us

Rust to Rotors

Our Mission

We Aim to Raise Standards in the UAV Industry

At Sky Hive Drone, we provide high quality aerial videography products designed to grow your audience by creating engaging content and telling your story. 


Our photogrammetry services offer a range of new airborne possibilities, with a high commitment to safety, saving our customers time and money, and keeping  workers out of harm's way.

Mike grew up playing with Radio Controlled cars and planes, and as a young adult he worked towards his private pilot's license in Alberta. Andrea grew up in the 90's with her mom's video camera glued to her hand, and progressed into video editing in high school. Their careers as a husband & wife team began in the trades as Red Seal Journeyman Welders.


           Through their experiences in the construction world, they developed a rigorous standard for safety, quality, and integrity.  Mike continues a lifelong passion for aviation and Andrea pursues her love for the lens through flying drones professionally as pilot & camera op's, and together their high safety standards have effortlessly transferred over into the safe and responsible flying of UAV's.


We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients that go beyond just video creation and photogrammetry services; we strive to educate and build trust with our high safety standards and professionalism.

Our Pilots

All Operations & flights flown by Advanced (RPAS) Certified Pilots and in accordance with NAV Canada and adhere to Transport Canada aviation regulations. 


We pride our selves on maintaining the highest standard of safety in all aspects of our operations.

As some contractor insurance policies may not cover innovate technology such as drones, we offer coverage to all our clients as Additional Insured in our aviation CGL and E&O. 

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